Unifi VPN L2TP Windows client setup

Windows 11

Lite nya instruktioner för Windows 11 och vad som behöver göras för att kunna ansluta till en Unifi gateway som VPN server

How To Configure Windows 11 VPN Client

  1. Click on your Search Bar, start typing VPN and you should see and click on VPN settings.
  2. A VPN Settings window should have opened. Find and click on the Add VPN button.
  3.  For VPN provider click the dropdown and select Windows (built-in).
  4. For Connection Name, give it something that is identifiable to you.
  5. For Server name or address, use your UDM Pro’s WAN IP Address you selected for VPN.
  6.  For VPN type click the dropdown and have L2TP/IPsec with pre-shared key selected.
  7. Enter the Pre-shared key that you entered on your UDM Pro when configuring VPN Access.
  8. For type of sign-in info select User name and password from the dropdown.
  9. Enter your VPN User Name and your Password.
  10. Click the Save button.
  11.  Success, you have created VPN Access for your Windows 11 computer.
  12. Click Connect and you should have a successful connection. Remember you will not be able to connect while inside the same network. To test use a hot spot.

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